Who, What, When, Where, and Maybe Why

Hello, my name is Keith, and welcome to yet another about page. Over the years, I've held a wide variety of titles, which really has made them ultimately useless. Previous titles include: Web Developer, Web Architect, Solutions Architect, Hope Consultant, Sales Consultant, and Digital Engineer.

I don't rank these technologies as "preferrred" or "I'm a master of" - technology constantly moves forward at a fast-pace, and one day you feel like a master, and the next day a new paradigm comes along and you feel like you're just coming to terms with it again.

I define my technology knowledge as "always willing to learn more" and "never shying from a challenge" but also "never afraid to say no."

Code Played With:

Point being, I work in technology, I’ve had to delve into different programming paradigms as the client/project called for it. I have no qualms about having to be handed a new technology and learn it, or worse, handed an outdated legacy project and being asked, “can you fix this? We don’t want to upgrade…” - and that’s the first time I becamse acquainted with TinyInt in databases. Primary Key was a TinyInt. It hit the max and just stopped updating. So. Much. Fun.

Special Thanks

After working with Gatsby, React, and GraphQL, Stefan Ivić pointed me to his github repo to help me jumpstart my blog!